IRN: Intelligence, Research, iNsight

IRN Research (trading name of IRN Consultants Ltd) is a full-service market research consultancy that was formed in 1991 and has a strong track record in providing market research services to business across all industry sectors. If your needs are for a small-scale UK-based research project or for a large- scale, multi-country research project, IRN can help. To satisfy our client’s needs we utilise a range of market research techniques, including desk research, telephone/online surveys, face-to-face interviews, focus groups, and can provide a full results analysis. Responding to our client’s needs, we go beyond the data and present our clients with actionable insight.

We collect the Intelligence, conduct the market Research and present the iNsight to our clients.

Among our clients, IRN is particularly valued for its:

Customer Experience Research: Our clients gain insights into what their customers think of them and their brands and what drives such perceptions.

Customer Segmentation Research: Our clients gain insights into their customers’ demographics, lifestages, lifestyles and habits and learn how to target customer sub-groups. A variety of intelligence is generated in such research, including attitudinal and usage information plus consumer demographic and business structure data.

Market Understanding Research: Our client’s gain insights into their market(s) from usage and attitude (U&A) surveys and desk research. Customer needs are identified and potential growth opportunities explained. Clients also gain insights into the competitive environment from competitor intelligence studies, designed to identify, profile and provide depth analysis of key rivals.

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IRN Research and their employees agree to adhere to the Market Research Society Code of Conduct and MRS Quality Commitment whilst undertaking research.  IRN Director, Gary Giddings is a full member of the Market Research Society.


Financial Market Research


Gary Giddings – Director

A highly experienced market research consultant, Gary specialises in research into finance services and the property market, including pensions, financial advice and investments, general insurance, mortgages, banking and lending.

He has considerable experience in using multivariate research techniques to generate insight from research studies. Techniques employed include Correspondence Analysis, Factor Analysis and Multidimensional Scaling, plus other techniques such as time series modelling and forecasting (ARIMA and regression), Logit regression and seasonal adjustment. Gary has been a freelance analyst, managing editor of a leading UK research publisher and a market researcher for American Express. Gary has a Master’s Degree in Economics from the London School of Economics, is a certified member of the Market Research Society and a member of the Insight Management Community (part of the Insight Management Academy)

Fred Hitchins – Director

Fred has extensive experience analysing and advising on research and trends in the transport, travel, tourism and leisure markets. Prior to forming IRN Research, Fred held marketing and strategic development roles at P&O Cruises and Thomson Holidays. He has a MBA from the London Business School.

His consulting and market research experience in the travel and tourism sector includes:

• Strategic marketing research to increase penetration of the UK cruise market

• Competitor analysis in the cruise and ferry markets

• Evaluation of cruise industry concentration and anti-competitive behaviour

• Forecasting passenger ferry demand by sector

• Investment analysis and due diligence

Legal Services market research

David Mort – Director

David has worked in senior roles in various information and research centres. Prior to joining IRN Research, he was Manager of Warwick Business Information Service (University of Warwick) and then set up the information and research service at the Centre for Local Economic Strategies (CLES).

His market research and consulting skills cover 2 key sectors:

• Legal services, where he is working with law firms, other legal services providers, legal software companies, professional bodies, and legal publishers to support their business planning and change programmes.

• Content and publishing, where he is managing various research projects for business information providers, publishers, libraries and information centres, news companies, and funding bodies.