Almost a third of adults go for a DIY divorce from start to finish

18 Sep 2019

The latest consumer research findings from IRN Research show that almost a third of individuals involved in a divorce or civil partnership dissolution decided to deal with the proceedings themselves from start to finish. Another 10% started proceedings themselves but then used a solicitor or law firm to complete the process.

The largest group still used a solicitor/law firm from start to finish but the DIY approach accounts for a relatively high percentage of those going through divorce proceedings ompared to most other consumer law sectors, apart from DIY wills and probate. One reason is given by the overwhelming majority for the DIY approach: the divorce/dissolution was amicable and both parties assumed it would be a simple process. Over three-quarters of consumers opting for a DIY divorce/dissolution give this reason.

The cost of using a solicitor or law firm is an issue for over a third of those going it alone: the percentage saying that they cannot afford to use a solicitor/law firm is 36%.

The new online divrce portal launched by the Ministry of Justice in 2018 offers an official channel for a DIY divorce and almost four out of ten divorcees are aware of this new option.

More details of the Family Law Consumer Research Report on our Legal Reports page.


IRN Team

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