Another freight increase in the first half of the year.

13 Jul 2017

For the last eight years first half year freight traffic on the English Channel, Eurotunnel and Irish Sea routes has grown each year. The cumulative eight years of growth increased the traffic by nearly a third from 2.4 million accompanied and unaccompanied trailers to exceed 3.1 million.

The Short Sea and Eurotunnel sector has been the most successful with an increase of first half year trailers of 40% in eight years compared with an 18% increase in Irish Sea first half traffic and 3% increase in Western Channel traffic. The Short Sea/Eurotunnel subsector accounted for 68% of traffic compared with 28% in the Irish Sea and 4% for the Western Channel. Eight years previous the Short Sea and Eurotunnel sector accounted for 63% of trailers.

Despite the growth and increase in share of the market the competitive structure of the Short Sea sector has changed significantly in recent years. Only P&O and Eurotunnel participated in both 2010 and 2017.

First Half Year 2010                                              % share
LD Lines (Dover/Boulogne)                                     2.4
P&O (Dover/Calais)                                                  33.5
Sea France (Dover/Calais)                                       17.5
Norfolk (Dover/Dunkerque)                                   14.8
Short Sea Sub Total                                                   68.2
Eurotunnel                                                                   31.8

First Half Year 2017                                                % share                                      P&O (Dover/Calais)                                                   33.5
DFDS (Dover/Calais)                                                 13.9
DFDS (Dover Dunkerque)                                         13.9
Short Sea Sub Total                                                     61.3
Eurotunnel                                                                    38.7

With continuing growth is the market ready a new entrant or perhaps the reintroduction of a Ramsgate Ferry.


IRN Team

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