Jun 2016

Inbound and outbound sea tourism trends

Our news item in May 2016 highlighted the growth in inbound and outbound UK tourism in recent years with inbound growth in 2015 of 5.1% to reach 31.6 m overseas resident visits and outbound growth of 9.4% to 65.7m visits of UK residents going abroad. A closer look at the International Passenger Survey (IPS) statistics shows that inbound tourism by sea increased by 288K visits...

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Apr 2016

The death of annuities has been greatly exaggerated

Consumers owning defined contribution pensions cashing in their pension pots to buy themselves a Lamborghini was probably the most striking scenario envisioned after the new pension freedoms came into force in 2015. But contrary to this vision, consumers have shown themselves to be far more responsible and rationale with their money. After an initial burst of taking cash from pension pots, the tendency to cash-in...

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Feb 2016

Glad they survived until they got old

In 1965 when the Who sang about their generation and hoped to die before they got old, the future seemed bright for the young generation: it was the era of the teenager. Today, the Who are of the generation which has benefited most from economic growth since the Global Financial crisis, while the young, Generation Rent, face an increasing challenge ever to own their own...

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