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Case Studies

The case studies listed below illustrate IRN's wide ranging capability in conducting industry and market analysis projects and how we translate research results into actionable business strategy.

Benchmarking Efficiency

Research and analysis into the construction of one of their competitor’s new plants

Changing Market Perception

The understanding of the patent system by SMEs across Europe and their use of patent information systems

Customer Satisfaction

Implementation of a confidential customer satisfaction and awareness survey to be periodically carried out across several regions in the UK

Market Potential Evaluation

A comprehensive database of individuals, trade associations and journals that have an influence over the call centre industry in the UK

New Product Development

To determine the potential for e-commerce and m-commerce among the client’s registered users

Strategic Marketing

A highly analytical in-depth study into recruitment on the Internet

Market Demand

A comprehensive set of statistics upon which the client may based a demand model

Retail Distribution

Passenger profiles and demand at major European airport terminals

Feasibility Study

To establish the level of support from local business for the building of a new hotel

Web Communication

The creation of 5 country profiles to help in the process of relocation of a company’s employees

Supplier Strategy

Research into the organisation of a major competitor’s tooling supply


UK Wills and Probate

UK Personal Injury Market

UK Cruise Market 2014

UK Cruise Market 2014