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Waverley Borough Council

Project Overview

Survey of residents’ perceptions of the Borough’s website.


Waverley Borough Council used IRN Research to conduct some specific research into current and potential future use of its website with the aim of informing a case for investment. From the outset, IRN were able to provide sound guidance and advice on how to optimise the outcomes they could deliver from the available budget, and had extensive input to questionnaire design.

Waverley was highly impressed with the levels of ongoing and proactive input received from the company throughout the research exercise. True to their assurances, IRN's recommended methods delivered the response requirements that the Council had stipulated, and the data was presented in a clear, concise and informative report that placed the questions Waverley was asking in a useful and relevant wider context.

We would have no hesitation in using IRN Research again for a similar piece of work in the future.

Chris Ash • Corporate Development & Performance Officer • Waverley Borough Council