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The IRN legal analytics services is offered in association with Premonition AI.  IRN offer access  to all legal decisions in all the High Courts of England and Wales and selected courts overseas. The service offers data from and access to Premonition AI’s artificial intelligence system, that has read all cases in the High Court and selected overseas courts, generating a database of almost 150,000 UK High Court cases. Data from the High Courts in England & Wales have been electronically crawled, subjected to statistical analysis, categorised and, finally, subjected to human scrutiny. Worldwide our partnership with Premonition AI means our clients will have access to the world’s largest litigation database, covering countries and jurisdictions where court results are digitally available.  The UK data is less than 1% of the total international legal database. The database holds  data for the US, Canada, the Netherlands, Australia, New Zealand and India with more being added.

Overview of UK High Court Reports

legal analytics
client report

Client Reports

Client Reports offer in-depth legal analytics on a company’s litigation history and Barrister performance. Law Firms use this report to improve Business Development through better Client Intelligence. It can be used by General Counsel to review their Panel Counsel. Data covered includes Litigation History, Case Types, Legal Representation, Barrister/Firm performance.

Barrister Reports

Barrister Reports offer in-depth legal analytics on a Barrister’s performance and litigation experience. Law Firms use this report to gather intelligence on opposing counsel and identify lateral recruiting opportunities. General Counsel use this report to review the performance of their external counsel. Data covered include Litigation Experience, Case Types, Client Representation, Performance (overall, case type, judge, client)

judge report

Judge Reports

Judge Reports offer in-depth legal analytics on the outcomes of Barristers in front of a judge. It is used by General Counsel to identify the most effective and efficient Barristers in front of a judge. Law Firms use this report for gathering judicial intelligence, hiring co-counsel and identifying the strength of opposing counsel. Data covered includes Barrister Performance by case type, Claimant/Defendant outcomes by case type, Barrister Experience in front of a judge, Performance Outliers.

Law Firm Reports

Law Firm Reports offer in-depth legal analytics on a Law Firm’s performance and efficiency. General Counsel can use this during their Panel Counsel Review process to identify top-performing firms. Law Firm’s use this report to track their litigation experience/performance and to improve their business development by pitching to their strengths. Data covered includes Litigation History and Experience, Client Representation, Overall Firm Performance, Specific Barrister Performance.

law firm report

Court Reports

Court Reports offer in-depth legal analytics on the quantity of cases and performance of all the lawyers in a particular court. This report is used to identify top performing Barristers or identify potential venues in which to file a case. Data covered includes Barrister Experience (Number of Cases in a Court), Barrister Performance by Case Type, Benchmarking to peer performance.

Top Litigants Reports

Top Litigants Reports offers in-depth legal analytics on litigants by volume of litigation in a court. Law Firms use this report to identify potential hidden clients.


Bespoke analysis

In addition to accessing standard reports, it is possible to conduct bespoke analysis on the the High Court and overseas court data.  Contact us with your requirements and we will pull together the data you require.

Document Service

In addition to offering legal analytic reports, the Legal Analytics service can also supply court documents.

Legal Analytics and Services Prices

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Data Pricing

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