Annual Ferry Survey Report 2020

A report based on the findings of the Annual Ferry Survey. The annual ferry survey is organised in association with Discover Ferries and its ferry operator members. The members provide web links and send emails to invite their prospects and clients to complete the online ferry survey. An incentive of an entry into a prize draw for free ferry trips is offered.

Report Highlights

The Annual Ferry Survey interviews individuals travelling on the UK_Continent ferry routes and the Tunnel. This year’s survey attracted around 1,600 responses from individuals

Data on passengers travelling between the UK and Continental Europe indicates that travel shifted from leisure holidaymaking towards social and business travel, with the time away lengthening (as more people stayed in their own second homes and with friends and relatives), with more people who did travel wanting to travel with their car, so they could take equipment like kids bicycles and sports equipment with them and the household pet. With more travel to stay in their own or friend and relatives’ homes, the need to stay in commercial accommodation declined, especially hotels.

Report PDF is dispatched when payment cleared. 
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