DC Pensions 2022

The report considers the types of pensions owned, how individuals contribute to their pensions,  if individuals have taken money from any of their DC pensions, their use of financial advice and their retirement goals. For this report, IRN Research commissioned Maru/Blue to conduct a survey among its online panel, drawing on a nationally representative sample of 2,148 UK adults aged 18+. This generated a sample of 1,245 individuals who own any type of DC pension.

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Report Highlights

58% of consumers own at least one type of DC pension. Among DC pension holders,  over eight-in-ten own a private pension (mainly a standard or stakeholder pension) and around six-in-ten own a workplace pension, with 40% of DC pension holders also owning a DB pension.

The average UK consumer with either a private or workplace DC pension has £78,609 invested in their DC pensions. The average sum held in workplace and private pensions are similar.  The distribution of DC pension fund wealth is very uneven and highly skewed. While over one-quarter of DC pension holder have funds of less than £5,000,  11% have funds of £200,000 and more.

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