Existing Mortgage Holder Mortgages Consumer Research Report 2019

This report aims to give clients a crucial insight into the current mindset of individuals who currently own a mortgage, some of whom may be planning to take out a new mortgage product over the coming three years. A key aspect of this report is to study how those planning a future mortgage application will approach their customer journey. It will also contrast and compare existing mortgage holders (EMHs) who are likely to take out a new mortgage in the future and those who will not, and it will identify potential opportunities for relevant providers to grow their business. The report will further explore what mortgages EMHs have and where they may seek advice.

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Report Highlights

Research from IRN’s Existing Mortgage Holders Report 2019 indicates that most existing mortgage holders (EMHs) are very likely to engage in some mortgage-related actions in the next three years. The most common action to be taken in the next three years is debt adjustment or restructuring, encompassing remortgaging and paying off all or part of the mortgage debt. Almost half of EMHs (46%) are planning some form of debt readjustment (i.e. remortgaging the current home – 24% – making a significant lump-sum mortgage repayment but still owing money -15% – and making a final monthly payment or making a lump sum payment to pay the mortgage off – 14%).  Just under one-third of EMHs are planning to move home and take out a new mortgage (22%) or port an existing mortgage (13%).

The report (70pp, PDF), is available directly from IRN Research, priced at £1,700. 

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Report Features

Type Consumer Research Report
Year of Publication 2019
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