Wealthy Savers and Investors 2022

This report considers the composition of Wealthy Investor wealth, how Wealthy Investors invest money, their use of financial advisors, their financial priorities  and their exposure to scams and investment mis-selling. For this report, IRN Research commissioned Maru/Blue to conduct a survey among its online panel, drawing on a nationally representative sample of 2,148 UK adults aged 18+. This generated a sample of 326 individuals who own combined investible investment, savings and private pension wealth of £100,000 and above.

Report Highlights

Wealthy Investors are defined as UK consumers with investible wealth held in savings, investments or defined contribution (DC) personal pensions of £100,000 and above.  Wealthy Investors as defined in this report, represent 15% of all consumers.  Wealthy Investors, as might be assumed, tend to be more affluent, from higher social grades compared with other consumers. The likelihood of a consumer being a Wealthy Investor tends to rise with income, social grade and age, with men more likely to be Wealthy Investors compared with females.

The highest average level of investible wealth is owned by Wealthy Investors aged 55+. Wealthy investors aged 55+, collectively own 62% of all the investible wealth owned by UK consumers

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