BSB report on barristers’ views on the new CPD scheme based on research conducted by IRN Research

05 Dec 2019

Based on research by IRN Research, The Bar Standards Board (BSB) has just published a report on the impact of its revised approach to regulating barristers’ Continuing Professional Development (CPD). It finds that most barristers welcome the revised scheme’s greater flexibility but lack understanding about the role of reflection in maintaining professional standards.

Other findings:

  • a majority of barristers found that CPD activities are effective in developing knowledge, keeping up to date with developments in a practice area, and addressing any knowledge or skills gap;
  • the new scheme has expanded the range of activities that can now count as CPD and this flexibility of CPD choices is welcomed by many barristers;
  • There were concerns about the amount of admin that barristers had to deal with and there is a need to make the administration of CPD by barristers as easy as possible and to signpost guidance, templates and CPD record card examples on the BSB website.

The research included online responses from over 560 barristers supported by in-depth telephone interviews and focus groups.

The full report is available to download at:


IRN Team

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