BTE Legal Expense Insurance Report

10 Mar 2021

19 million BTE LEI policyholders

In 2021, around four-in-ten consumers owned a before the event (BTE) legal expense insurance (LEI) policy, compared with only around one-quarter in 2019. The rise in ownership has been driven by older consumers aged 55+.  This means in 2021, just over 19 million adults had a LEI policy, with almost 28 million policies outstanding. Almost four-in-ten LEI policyholders own more than one LEI policy, often having one attached to their motor insurance and one to their home insurance. These findings come from the IRN Research BTE Legal Expense Insurance 2021 report

In the past five years, almost one-in-five consumers (slightly more LEI policyholders) said they had been involved in one of 10 legal actions presented to them (which covered most of the legal actions a consumer was likely to be involved in). Of the LEI policyholders involved in one of the legal actions specified, just over one-third had claimed on their LEI insurance to pay for the legal action, meaning around two-thirds of LEI policyholders involved in a legal case did not use LEI insurance to finance the case. The most common cases to be funded by LEI insurance were those involving employment issues, personal injury or a motoring dispute.

The Report

The IRN Research BTE Legal Expense Insurance 2021 report considers how many consumers have BTE LEI cover, how this cover was acquired, the use of insurance to finance legal disputes, the claims experience of policyholders and how individuals owning such insurance approach insurance buying in general. For this report, IRN Research commissioned research from MIS Group’s UK panel. The research was structured so that 2,002 nationally representative consumers aged 18+ were asked about their views of insurance and what insurances they owned. This generated 750 individuals who owned BTE LEI. 

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