Consumer Savings and Investment market: £3.7 trillion invested

08 Jun 2020

Consumers Save and Invest almost £34 billion annually

According to IRN’s latest report on the consumer savings and investment market (UK Savers and Investors 2020), at the end of 2019, UK households collectively held £3.7 trillion in non-pension financial assets, with their accumulated wealth having risen by almost 6% over the year.  Consumers invested £33.5 billion net into non-pension financial assets in 2019, 9% more than in 2018, but only investments in saving deposits and life insurance and endowments increased. Given Brexit and political uncertainty, it seems consumers retreated to the safety of cash deposits (even if the returns are minimal) and longer-term investments (e.g. long-term investments that that ride out shift-term market fluctuations). As a result, volume sales of riskier investment products (like stocks and shares ISAs, bonds and funds) declined by 16% in 2019 as the political uncertainty with regards to Brexit and the election depressed sales.

About the Consumer Savers and Investors report

This market data report considers the market for consumer savings and investments. This report does not consider investing in pensions, which is the subject of other IRN reports. The central focus of this report is the types of savings and investment products consumers own, how much they are saving and investing and the environmental framework in which savings and investments are made. It looks at the size and structure of the market, recent trends and the future.

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