Four new Ferry and Tunnel Reports from the Annual Ferry Survey

09 Mar 2020

Ferry and Channel Tunnel Reports

IRN Research have published four statistical reports on individuals travelling by ferry or the Channel Tunnel in 2019. The reports are based on the findings from the annual ferry survey which is organised by IRN Research in association with Discover Ferries, the trade body for UK ferry operators. This year’s survey attracted 9,157 responses from individuals, of which 8,012 had travelled by ferry or through the Tunnel in the last 12 months, with 7,660 of these able to identify the last trip they had taken and, therefore, fulfil most of the questions in the survey.

The four reports include

  • Ferry and Tunnel Visitors to France, 2019
  • Short Sea Crossing 2019 (Ferries vs, Eurotunnel vs. Eurostar)
  • Holidaymakers Travelling by Ferry or Tunnel, 2019
  • Short Break and Day Trip Takers Travelling by Ferry or Tunnel, 2019

 The Holidaymaker and Short Break reports cover individuals travelling to Continental Europe, Ireland or to British Isles destinations (e.g. Scotland, Isle of Wight)

The ferry and tunnel reports: details

The reports are around 25-30 pages each and consist of statistical tables and graphics. Typically reports cover the following areas:

  • How individuals travel (i.e. what ferry or tunnel services are used and what vehicles they use)
  • Where they travelled to (i.e. national/regional destinations)
  • Why they travelled/what types of trips they took
  • How and how long they stayed (e.g. accommodation used, duration of trip)
  • Trip planning and booking (e.g. how far in advance of travel are trips booked)
  • Who travels (e.g. demographics, party size, travelling with pets)
  • Media profile (e.g. newspaper readership, social media usage)

These reports are available directly from IRN Research, priced at £150 each (£180 including VAT).

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