Are you getting the most from your market research investment?

31 Jul 2017

In the UK, around £4 billion is spent each year on market research and another £2.1 billion is spent on public relations. Is this money well spent and are the buyers maximising the benefits they get from their investment? As a leading specialist market research agency in the UK, IRN has worked with clients of all sizes and shapes, each with different levels of knowledge of market research and the research process. Based on what we have learnt about how clients commission and use market research and where they go wrong and how they get it absolutely right, IRN has produced a series of free online guides which aim to show how to get the best value from your market research investment.

There are five guides in the series, accessed from The guides are:

  1. Guide to Commissioning Market Research. This guide shows how to commission a market research survey and how to pull together a briefing document for a research agency. It is designed for clients of all sizes and experience levels and is useful both for clients with less experience of commissioning research and for more experienced clients who wish to review their commissioning.
  2.  How to Lay Out and Interpret Market Research Tables. This guide is aimed at research clients (and students) who have little experience of quantitative market research surveys and is designed to show how the results from a quantitative market research study can be laid out and how to interpret the findings. It can be used by clients reading a market research report and by clients who have to show market research findings to internal stakeholders.
  3. Key Ways to Enhance Understanding of Your Market Research Results. This Guide aims to show how to make the results from a quantitative market research survey easier to understand. Most quantitative surveys result in the presentation of tabular data. How do you make the results held on a table easier to understand and how do you prompt interest in the findings?
  4. How to Strengthen Your Public Relations with Research and Statistics. Public Relations is designed to maintain or enhance a company’s image and its products and services. It is a critical component of a marketing plan. This guide shows how the use of results from a market research survey can enhance a press and social media PR campaign.
  5. How to Improve your Press Releases with Research and Statistics. This guide shows how the use of market research findings and statistics can improve a press release. As such, it is a sister guide to How to Improve Your PR with Research and Statistics. Press releases remain a vital communication tool for businesses and this guide shows how research findings can add impact to a press release and improve media coverage.



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