IRN Launch Two Pension Dashboards

05 Dec 2016

Two New Pensions Data Products Launched By IRN Research          

IRN Research today launch two new free Pension dashboards aimed at the UK pensions market. One provides an overview of pensions as a whole – The Pension Dashboard – while the other focuses on Self-Administered Pension Funds – The Self-administered-pension-funds Dashboard. Collectively, these two Pension dashboards provide an overview of the UK pensions market, with a particular focus on the workplace sector.

Pension Dashboard

The Pension Dashboard is divided into three sections. Section 1 provides an overview of the pension landscape, showing data on workplace pensions and private pensions, including the number of individuals with such pensions and the types of schemes available, including data on auto-enrolled pensions. This section also includes regularly updated pensions news from Google. Section 2 looks closely at occupational pensions with data on defined benefit and defined contribution pensions. Section 3 looks at pension premiums, showing the total level of premiums broken down by type of pension with both annual and quarterly premium data shown.

The Pension Dashboard

SAPF Dashboard

The Self-administered-pension-funds Dashboard looks at occupational pension funds with units invested in one or more managed schemes or unit trusts. These are not fully insured schemes. The dashboard focuses on the operation of these funds, showing data on their income and expenditure, asset returns, deleverage indicators and the breakdown of premiums by source, type and scheme.

The Self Administered Pension Funds Dashboard

Other Dashboards offered by IRN

These two dashboards are part of a series of free dashboards produced by IRN and updated when new data becomes available. Other dashboards in the series look at the UK economy, the legal services market and passenger travel.

The UK Economy Dashboard

The Legal Services Market Dashboard

The Travel Dashboard

The dashboards offer key statistics, graphics and information on their particular areas.

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