IRN upgrades its UK Economic Dashboard

15 Nov 2016

Economics Dashboard Upgrade Announced

IRN Research have released an upgraded version of its economics dashboard featuring a wider range of statistics. In addition to the current economic data on GDP, business turnover, unemployment, inflation, productivity, Sterling:US$ exchange rate, interest rates and confidence, the new dashboard includes three new types of information supplied by

An Economic Statistics Calendar – the continuously updated economic calendar shows recently published and about to be published economic statistics.  Visitors can click on each economic indicator to see a chart of past trends and a table of past data.

Latest Stock Market Index – continuously updated FTSE 100 stock market index

Latest Cross Currency Rates – continuously updated Sterling exchange rate against selected leading currencies, including the US$, Japanese Yen, Chinese Yuan and the Euro.

Via one page, you can keep abreast with UK economic developments and access data from a diverse range of sources, such as the Office for National Statistics, Bank of England and the OECD.

IRN’s UK Economy Dashboard

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IRN Team