Our latest UK residential conveyancing market forecast, post-Brexit

26 Jul 2016

Post-Brexit, residential conveyancing market will plateau between 2016-2018 and then grow

Between 2016 and 2018, IRN Research expects the residential conveyancing market to see little growth now the UK has decided to leave the EU. However, revenues will not decline and the market will remain largely the same size as it is in 2016. From 2018 to 2021, the market will start to grow but at a weaker rate than forecast pre-Brexit.

Our July 2016 forecast briefing is an addition to the Ark Group/IRN Research report on the UK Residential Conveyancing Market published in June and contains forecasts on the number of property transactions and market value up to 2021. To judge the impact of Brexit, we look at three potential scenarios for the residential conveyancing sector:

  • Scenario 1: Brexit did not happen
  • Scenario 2: The UK arranges a European Economic Area (EEA) style deal with the EU
  • Scenario 3: The UK arranges a World Trade Organisation (WTO) style deal with the EU

If the UK negotiates an EEA-style trade deal, then growth will be stronger than a WTO-style trade deal and these detailed forecasts are included in the report.

Up to 1st August 2016, you can purchase the UK Residential Conveyancing Market report, plus the Residential Conveyancing Market Post-Brexit Briefing for the reduced rate of £200 (plus VAT) by contacting Emily Jane Beechey at EmilyJane.Beechey@Wilmingtonplc.com or 0207 549 8612.



IRN Team