UK Ireland ferry market steadied by increase in cars

UK Ireland ferry market steadied by increase in cars
08 Nov 2016

September 2016

UK Ireland ferry passenger figures* for September 2016 found a 0.9% decline in ferry passengers compared to September 2015 but this was compensated by a 1.7% increase in the number of cars. The 112K cars for September 2016 compared 110K in 2015.

9 months to September 2016

The trend was also reflected in the year to date figures. In the 9 months to September 2016 there were 1.9% fewer passengers on UK Ireland ferry roues but there were 0.8% more cars. There was no change in the year to date coach traffic although for September 2016 the number of coaches were up 5.4% compared with September 2015.

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* From IRN Research – Ferrystat September 2016


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