UK Personal Injury Market

24 Nov 2015

IRN Legal Market Briefing

The UK Personal Injury Market Briefing is the second edition of an annual Legal Market Briefing from IRN Research and provides an overview of the UK personal injury and clinical negligence markets.

The personal injury market is in a state of transition. Market participants are still coming to terms with the far-reaching changes to the market ushered in by the implementation of the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012 (LASPO) and subsequent legislation. The full effects of these legislative changes are not likely to be felt until 2016.

For many players, it has become a market where profits are much harder to come by. Case volumes are lower and it is now harder than before for claimants to both pursue cases and pay the fees of claims management companies and lawyers: case quality rather than just quantity has become important.

There are still almost 3,000 law firms in England and Wales offering personal injury advice but the largest 10 personal injury law firms – the volume players – are taking an increasing share making personal injury the most heavily concentrated sector in consumer law.

The number of registered claims companies operating in personal injury has fallen to below a 1,000 and, again, the recent reforms in the sector have seen numbers fall.

Web marketing is now a significant part of the marketing spend for a clear majority of firms in the sector and this includes both large and small players.

The briefing (34pp, PDF), is available directly from IRN Research, priced at £120/€165/US$185. UK sterling price is plus VAT so total price is £144.

The briefing provides details of market size and trends; supply structure; key players; commentary on key issues impacting on the market, future trends; associations.

IRN Research

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UK Personal Injury Market Briefing – Contents

1. Introduction                                                                                                            4

2. Report Summary                                                                                                    5

3. Market Structure and Environment                                                                         7
3.1 Main Types of Personal Injury Work                                                                         7
3.2 Legislative Environment                                                                                           7
3.3 Supply Structure                                                                                                     9

4. Market Size and Trends                                                                                          11

4.1 Market Value                                                                                                          11

4.2 Volume Trends                                                                                                        12

5. Key Players                                                                                                             18

5.1 Overview                                                                                                                 18

5.2 Selected Law Firms                                                                                                 19

5.3 Selected Company Profiles                                                                                       21

Bolt Burden Kemp                                                                                                           21

First4Lawyers                                                                                                                 22

Fletchers                                                                                                                        22

Hudgell Solicitors                                                                                                             22

InjuryLawyers4U                                                                                                               23

Irwin Mitchell                                                                                                                    23

Leigh Day                                                                                                                        23

Minster Law/BGL Group                                                                                                    24

National Accident Helpline                                                                                                 24

Parabis Law                                                                                                                     25

Simpson Millar                                                                                                                  25

Slater & Gordon                                                                                                                25

Stewarts Law                                                                                                                    26

5.4 Other Company Developments                                                                                      26
6. The Future                                                                                                                   27

6.1 Future Trends                                                                                                              27
2016 the crunch year?                                                                                                       27
More consolidation and focus likely                                                                                    27
Smaller players use networks and brands to compete with big players                                  28
Web-based marketing embraced by most and set to grow                                                  29
New legislation cannot be ruled out and highly likely                                                            29
Growing pressure to outlaw claims farming                                                                         29
Review of the regulation of CMCs                                                                                      29
Insurers raise concerns over claims costs                                                                         29
Growing emphasis on quality                                                                                            30
Largest players may diversify out of PI                                                                              30

6.2 Recent Developments                                                                                                 30
Problems at MedCo so review brought forward                                                                    30
Fixed fee regime for low value clinical negligence claims on its way                                      31
Proposed reforms to DBA                                                                                                 31

7. Associations                                                                                                                33


IRN Team