Wealthy Investors Report Launched

14 Dec 2018

 Only around one-third of Investors are Wealthy Investors

 Just under one-third of Investors can be called Wealthy Investors, having £75,000 or more spread across risky investment products, cash and/or defined contribution (DC) pensions which can be accessed by their owners. Relative to Investors with less wealth, Wealthy Investors are more likely to be male, mature and affluent (from professional occupations). Just over one-in-ten Wealthy Investors can be classified as Millionaires.

Wealthy Investors like to do it for themselves

More than half of Wealthy Investors have the confidence to handle their investments without professional help. If they do seek professional help it is primarily used in conjunction with (and not as a substitute for) their own DIY investing actions. Wealthy Investors who take professional advice, show a strong preference for using Independent Financial Advisors (IFA), with IFAs especially popular among Investors who lack confidence in their investing abilities and those who hand over all their investing to professional advisors.   Despite the preference for going it alone, the Wealthy Investors research identifies ample opportunities for financial advisors to expand into this market.

Wealthy Investor Report Goals

The aim of this report is to study UK consumers with investible wealth of £75,000 and above. It considers how these individuals invest their money and obtain and judge the advice they receive when they make financial investments. Wealth in this context is taken to include money currently invested in risky investments products, money held as cash and money held in defined contribution pensions which can be accessed by the pension holder (i.e. the pension holder is aged 55+). The report considers what types of financial products wealthy investors hold, how much they understand about the investment process, their overall approaches to investing, the type of financial advice they want and how they access advice. It also considers how wealthy investor investment behaviour has been influenced by online developments such as fund platforms.

This report (89pp) and the detailed dataset of all survey results with a demographic analysis is available directly from IRN Research, priced at £2,500 (plus VAT) each.  Discounts for multiple report purchases, report only, dataset only, or purchases of extracts.

Through the year, other Consumer Research reports on financial service topics will be published, including first-time buyer mortgages, mortgage customer journey, pensions, and banking.  The discounted annual subscription to all reports is £16,250 plus VAT, plus there are discounts for purchasing only selected groups of titles.

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