Workplace Pension Report Launched

01 May 2020

Over half of consumers own a workplace pension

55% of all consumers have a workplace pension. Among consumers with workplace pensions, most (51%) have a defined contribution (DC) pension with just over four-in-ten owning a final/career average pension. 85% of adults with a workplace pension have a pension with their current employer, with 15% having legacy pensions from previous employers.   Almost six-in-ten workplace pension scheme members were automatically enrolled into their company’s scheme, i.e. they were told they were joining the scheme but not asked their permission, with four-in-ten workplace scheme members making a pro-active choice to join their company’s workplace pension.

The Workplace Pensions Report

This report is a consumer research report looking at how individuals are using workplace pensions to save for their retirement.  For this report, IRN commissioned research from MIS Group’s UK panel. The research was structured so that 2,077 nationally representative consumers aged 18+ were asked about their pension ownership and savings. This generated 1,142 individuals who had a workplace pension and 975 individuals who had a workplace pension with their current employer. The report is available directly from IRN Research priced at £1,200 (£1,400 including VAT).

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