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IRN Privacy Policy

Before registering with us, please read these terms and conditions:

1. By providing IRN with your name, contact details and topics of interest, you give your consent to the use of this information by the “IRN Group” defined below only. The IRN Group will at all times keep this information confidential except that

1.1 if an IRN Group entity becomes obliged by law (other than simply by a contractual promise) to disclose that information, that entity may disclose that information only as far as necessary, or

1.2. third parties providing data or system development, maintenance or audit services to IRN Group may require access to locations or files in which IRN Group’s customer information is stored, but on a controlled basis for the purpose of providing their services to IRN Group and no further.

2. IRN Group may collect information about you and your use of the service in order to

2.1 manage your account with them and/or

2.2 progress discussions with you arising from your enquiries or access to some specific report or feature of the service and/or

2.3 to research your future needs and interests and to formulate special pricing or other offers to you in relation to your future use of IRN Group services.

3. IRN may collect information about customers like you and their use of the service, and your details and usage would be merged with a cross-section of other customers’data, in order to

3.1 enable IRN to analyse trends and preferences amongst certain types of user, customer or industry and

3.2 take your requirements into account when drawing up IRN Group’s future development plans and

3.3 to calculate royalties owed to Content Providers

4. You agree that we may disclose generic data of the kind described in clause 3 above, which can not be directly linked specifically to you, to third parties.

5. Your use of the service is conditional upon your acceptance of these potential uses of information about you. IRN will not trade in or rent out this information, or use it for any purpose unless it is directly related to your use of services provided by IRN Group. You agree that IRN Group may contact you, occasionally, with details of IRN Group products or offers which seem likely to be relevant and of interest to you. IRN will not invoke this right simply to pester you with the offerings of unconnected businesses promoting irrelevant products.

6. IRN may use and store your personal data for each or any of the purposes described above. and may retain this personal data after your enquiry or order has been satisfied, either where IRN Group anticipates that you may go on to make another purchase, as part of our analysis of generic customer data, or simply as part of IRN Group’s requirement to archive accounting and sales records, for a period up to seven years. When these needs for this personal data have expired, this data will be deleted or destroyed in a controlled way.

7.You may check the data we hold on you and correct any error in your account details. Just e-mail us.

8. IRN won’t try to interrogate your system or load cookies/applets onto it other than straightforward basic applications which are reasonably required for managing the service for you. IRN will not conduct clandestine activities on your system or pry on unrelated material.

Definitions: In this Policy Statement, the following words and expressions will have the meanings set next to them:
“You/ Your” means the individual and/or company whose name is entered on the enquiry form “IRN/ us / /our” means IRN Services Ltd. “IRN Group” means IRN, IRN’s group undertakings (as defined by Section 259 of the Companies Act 1985) and Content providers. “Content providers” means third parties who provide us with information used within the reports and other services we may provide to you.