Market Research Sector Expertise

Consulting on research matters for more than 25 years, IRN has acquired a great deal of intelligence and expertise across a wide range of public and private sectors.  However, client demand has allowed us to develop in four sectors where we are considered to be authoritative collectors of Intelligence, conductors of Research and deliverers of iNsight.

Market Research Sector Expertise
Personal Finance Market research

Finance and Property Research

Our leading project manager/consultant in the finance and property sector is Gary Giddings. In response to client demand,  IRN Research have undertaken many market research studies into the financial services and property industry, especially general insurance, pensions, mortgages, retail banking and investments and savings. Our clients highly value the intelligence we have generated in tracking the customer’s journey, understanding how legislative changes impact on customer behaviour and understanding customer segmentation, targeting and positioning.
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Information Services and Content Intelligence

Heading up the information and contents sector is David Mort. IRN has a long track record of both ad-hoc and continuous research and consulting services for a range of organisations in the information services and content sectors. These organisations include B2B publishers and content providers, news organisations, major UK and European libraries, academic research bodies, and funding agencies.

Areas covered include user surveys, competitive intelligence, research into new service developments, brand awareness studies and research into specific markets, i.e. geographical and vertical.

Information and Content Industries
Legal Services Market Research

Legal Services Research

Recent changes in the legal services market, including increased competition from new suppliers, the development of alternative business structures and likely consolidation of the sector, have created a demand from forward thinking law firms and other legal services providers for legal services market intelligence, research and consulting services.

In a short space of time, IRN has established itself as a leading consultancy and research provider in the legal sector. It is led by David Mort and teams up with the Fedora Consultancy, a specialist legal marketing consultancy, when required.

• Client/Potential Client Surveys

• Specific client group research, e.g. FTSE100 clients, SMEs, private clients,

• Specific verticals

• Sector-specific Research & Market Reports

• Competitor and Market Intelligence

• Brand Awareness and Use Studies

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Passenger Shipping Research

IRN has been commissioned across the passenger shipping sector for feasibility studies, route plans, market segmentation, promotional strategies and competitive intelligence, particularly in the cruise and ferry sectors. As well as being noted for commissioned research, IRN is regarded as an authoritative source of statistics from the International Passenger Survey (IPS), the UK Cruise Market report, the UK River Cruise market report, the UK Ferry Market Report, Ferrystat and Freightstat. IRN is an associate member of CLIA Europe underlining our position as one of the leading market research consultancies in the travel and tourism sector.

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Travel industry Market Research