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While IRN has unrivalled expertise in some specific markets it also takes pride in its ability to deliver cross industry and cross market research. For example, IRN has provided ongoing multi industry research reports for banks and insurance companies in order that they may understand the trends and opportunities across many industry sectors.

As well as providing research across industries IRN also provides cross-market research. For example, many industrial companies have commissioned IRN to undertake research across many countries so that they may understand market differences and implement marketing plans appropriate to each country.

IRN has a European office and a network of research partners throughout the world.



Executive Summaries

European Software Vending Market

The summary and contents of the European Software Vending Market report is an example of a commissioned bespoke report for a client requiring a strategic perspective on European markets that included primary and desk research.


The UK Marine Insurance Market Brief - 2008

This three page brief on the London Marine Insurance Market outlines this important part of the global shipping industry which generated nearly £4 billion worth of premiums in 2008.


Client Satisfaction Surveys - Why they are so important

This two page brief outlines why client satisfaction surveys are important for customer retention and business development as well as the dos and don´ts of client satisfaction surveys


Click here for Client Satisfaction Survey template