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Mar 2022

One-in-seven Consumers are Wealthy Investors

15% of consumers hold over £100,000 in investible wealth Wealthy Investors are defined as UK consumers with investible wealth held in savings, investments or defined contribution (DC) pensions of £100,000 and above.  Wealthy Investors as defined in this report, represent 15% of all consumers.  The typical Wealthy investors has, in average, £373.535 in investible wealth. These findings come from the IRN Research report Wealthy Investors...

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Feb 2022

Over one-third of Investors take advice

36% of Investors have used financial advisors over the past three years 36% of Investors (equivalent to 18% of all consumers) have used a financial advisor in the past three years, where financial advice must be paid for and is personal to the Investor (e.g. it is regulated financial advice). These Advice Takers generally use the same advisor across multiple financial products, with three-quarters using...

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