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May 2022

Half of Consumers are Have Nots

51% of consumers are financial Have Nots Based on their ownership of a range of financial assets, including cash savings, retail investments, private and workplace pensions, consumers split into two roughly equal camps. 51% fall into the Have Nots camp and 49% into the Haves camp. Haves, as their name implies, own a wide range of financial assets and are especially likely to hold some...

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Mar 2022

One-in-seven Consumers are Wealthy Investors

15% of consumers hold over £100,000 in investible wealth Wealthy Investors are defined as UK consumers with investible wealth held in savings, investments or defined contribution (DC) pensions of £100,000 and above.  Wealthy Investors as defined in this report, represent 15% of all consumers.  The typical Wealthy investors has, in average, £373.535 in investible wealth. These findings come from the IRN Research report Wealthy Investors...

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Feb 2022

Half of consumers are Investors

50% of consumer own investment products Consumers split into two even camps: 50% can be defined as Investors (i.e., they own at least one type of investment product), with the other half not owning any form of investment product (i.e. non-Investors). These findings come from the IRN Research report How Consumers Invest 2022, published today. Investors, as might be assumed, tend to be more affluent,...

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