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Jun 2022

Medico-Legal Market falls by 5%

Medico-Legal and Insurance Services Market down because of COVID-19 The market for Medico-Legal and Insurance Services (MLIS) – defined as medical and medical-related services offered to legal services companies, insurers and possibly to employers – declined in 2021 by around 5%, on the back of a near 20% decline in 2020.  The premium end of the market has recovered well from the pandemic but the...

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Jun 2021

Medico-Legal and Insurance Services Market hit by COVID-19

RN Research's Medico-Legal and insurance Services Report 2021, shows that the COVID-19 lockdowns caused a significant decline in personal injury case numbers and a significant slowdown in personal injury case progression, leading to a decline in the market. IRN estimate that the medico-legal and insurance services (MLIS) market, including payments to individual, freelance and self-employed medical experts and case managers declined by 18% in 2020 compared with 2019.