Tag: Workplace pensions


May 2022

Seven-in-ten consumers have a workplace pension

67% of consumers own a workplace pension While 67% of consumers own at least one type of workplace pension, seven in ten of workplace pension holders have a workplace pension with their current employer.  Affluent consumers, especially those in intermediate or senior managerial positions, who are working full time are the most likely to own a workplace pension. Working full time and being aged between...

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Apr 2022

58% of consumers own a DC pension

Almost £80,000 held, on average, in DC pensions 58% of consumers own at least one type of DC pension. Among DC pension holders,  over eight-in-ten own a private pension (mainly a standard or stakeholder pension) and around six-in-ten own a workplace pension, with 40% of DC pension holders also owning a DB pension. The average UK consumer with either a private or workplace DC pension...

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